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  • Why cant I just put a drain in my tiled floor, why do I need anything below the tiles?"
    tiled floors are not completely waterproof and water will make its way through the grout
  • What comes in the complete wetroom kits?
    Everything you need to get the area ready for tiling. Engineered structural foam base, all tapes, adhesives, sealers and the waste are included. For a full list of contents of each kit, download the instructions on the product pages.
  • What size do the kits come in?
    The 50mm and 150mm raised kits are 1850mm long and come in 750mm wide or 900mm wide. Both the length and width can be trimmed. The flat kit has a 1200mm x 900mm tray and enough boards to complete a 4.83 square meter bathroom. The extension pack has 3 more boards to cover 2.25 square metres.
  • How do I choose which kit is best for me?
    In basic terms the 50mm kit is similar to a standard shower tray to install, the 150mm is easier and more versatile than a standard shower tray and the flat kit has a slightly more involved installation. The 150mm kit sits entirely above floor level. The 50mm kit sits above floor level but the wastepipe needs to run below floor level. The flat kit needs floorboards to be removed in the tray area (1200mm x 900mm). We would recommend the 50mm or flat kit for wooded floors only whilst the 150mm is suitable for solid floors as well as wooden.
  • What tiles are most suitable for tiling the tray?
    Mosaics are ideal and provided you use tiles under 100mm square you do not need diagonal cuts to maintain the built in slope towards the drain.
  • Is Aquadry suitable for use with under floor heating?
    The board is perfect for use with electric under tile heating because of its excellent thermal insulation properties but it is not suitable for use with wet under floor heating systems.
  • Is Aquadry suitable for use with vinyl flooring?
    Unfortunately due to the foam core nature of the product. It is suitable for tile or mosaic tile applications only.
  • How thick is the glass on the Aquadry front panels and side panels?
    The glass is 6mm thick safety glass BS6206:1980 & EN12150-1:2000.
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